The Best Travel Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

The story and the acting might not be of Oscar nomination level, but travel movies will always have something for movie goers. They can help tourists come up with inspired travel plans or make a potato couch realize that traveling can do him or her some good, and it really does do a lot of good. By watching travel movies, you can get a glimpse of the culture and nature offered by each one. On top of that, you not only get the highlights of each place, but also the secret wonders that each one holds. You don’t get to see a lot of local atmosphere when traveling abroad, but travel movies help you see that. Here are some of the best travel movies you should not miss.


The motorcycle diaries

The Motorcycle Diaries:

This is in number ONE, in my BEST travel movies list. The Motorcycle Diaries, based on the journals of Che Guevara, takes you across continental South America.  The movie highlights the adventures, sense of freedom and self-realization that the actors experienced as they hopped from one place to another. For motor heads, you should definitely watch this, and maybe take a chapter out of this movie. Move with your motor and experience the world around you. And of course if you plan to do that, drive safe :D


A map for Saturday

A Map For Saturday:

A Map for Saturday tells a story about a man who quit his job to travel around the world with nothing but back pack. This clearly portrays the various ways people can travel and how to roam around the world for an extended period of time. The most important thing a traveler can get from the movie is that traveling does not have to be expensive or complicated. All you need is your passion for Travel.

180 Degrees South

180 Degrees South:

180 Degrees South tells the story about a group of people who traveled to Patagonia. The group drove and sailed along the coast of South America, and saw what the havoc industrialization had done to nature. If you don’t know what or where Patagonia is, then better watch this movie.


In July Movie


In July:

In July tells the adventures of a shy schoolteacher who went on a road trip across Eastern Europe. Along with a friend, he walked, drove, swam from Germany all the way to Turkey chasing the girl he loved. The experiences during his travels changed him profoundly. This story is both a romantic and travel movie, which makes it even more exciting to watch.

Last Stop For Paul

Last Stop for Paul

Last Stop for Paul, a low budget movie, tells a tale of two men who took a two-week RTW trip to spread the ashes of a friend. It was shot without a prepared script and the acting is really outstanding, but its spontaneity makes it an excellent ride. It is like seeing how other people really travel around, and not just travel because of their scripts and roles.

There are other travel movies that travelers will find helpful. There’s the Indiana Jones series, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Seven Years in Tibet, Into the Wild, etc. Travel movies are great to watch because of the insight they give you towards a city/place, and outstanding story line. A story of love, freedom, accomplishment and adventure are always found in a travel movie.


So, what about you? Do you have any other suggestion? Have you watched any of the movies in this article? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below :)

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