Cheapest Countries to Travel to in 2014-Traveling on a Budget

Traveling should not be expensive. There are many travel destinations where money can go a long way yet still offer a restful vacation. These are the places you must target if you are on a tight travel budget in this year like me :D Check out the cheapest countries to travel to in 2014.

South Africa- Cheapest countries to travel in 2014

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South Africa:

South Africa may not sound as a good place to spend your time, but it actually is. South Africa is the number ONE in our list of cheapest countries to travel to in 2014. Hotel rates across the country are 8 per cent down.  There are plenty of places to go and entertaining things to do. The wild life is simply amazing. The penguins free- roaming in Boulders Beach, Cape town are a sight to see. Entrance fee to the Kruger National Park, among the best in Africa where tourists can see the elephant shrew buffalo weaver, ant lion, leopard tortoise, and rhino beetle, is only $20.  The Parliament Hotel in Cape Town is a good place to stay. It has caring staff, and offers free breakfast. Another good place to stay in is the Company’s Garden, which features an Aviary where tourist can find the oldest pear tree in the continent.

 Venice, Cheapest countries to travel in 2014


Venice, Italy:

Venice is another place you must not miss. Hotel rates in the city are 7 per cent down which should make visiting Venice cheaper this year, though rates in the city have always been one of the cheapest in the world. You might have thought that Venice is an expensive place to travel to, you are wrong. You can actually have a budget vacation in Venice. The gondolas are traditional attractions. Those who are into art and education can visit the Sansovino Library and the Ducal Palace nearby and the Piazza San Marco.  There are many works of art, historical sites and museums to visit and ogle at.  When looking for a place to stay, there is the Hotel Al Ponte Mocenigo, famous for its luxurious Venetian atmosphere.  It provides a 1700s feel that tourists would appreciate.

The Philippines, world-trek                        Photo: world-trek 

The Philippines:

The Philippines is also a must see country for every traveler. Fares, shopping and sights are not anywhere expensive. Places like Boracay, Palawan, Bohol, Davao and so much more should be on top of your travel list, especially if nature is in your blood. The Philippines is all about nature and adventure. The beaches of Boracay are some of the best in the world. While Palawan is home to the Puerto Princesa subterranean river national park, a UNESCO world heritage site. Bohol on the other hand prides itself with the Chocolate hills and the cutest tarsiers. The great thing about the Philippines is that everything is relatively cheap there.

 Seoul, cheapest countries to travel in 2014


Seoul, South Korea:

According to statistics, the hotel rates have dropped by 12% in Seoul this year. You will find several hotels in your budget once you go through the Korean Tourism Organization’s website. The beautiful city has a lot to offer to first time visitors. Seoul has lots of historical and cultural landmarks which will definitely amaze you. The architecture of the landmarks is simply the Best. Apart from the sights, Seoul is best known for its tradition of offering variety of foods.

Ecuador, Cheapest countries to travel in 2014

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Ecuador is a beautiful country of South America. Being a neighboring country of Brazil, the country attempts to draw tourists from Brazil as Brazil is hosting FIFA Would Cup 2014. Ecuador is well known for the Amazon, the Andes, the pacific coast and the Galapagos Islands. There will be lots of offers and discounts on the eve of FIFA world cup. So, if you are planning to go to Brazil this year, make sure you add Ecuador to your budget travel list.


Look at travel brochures for Dominican Republic, Argentina (specifically Buenos Aires), Canada and the US (specifically Orlando). They are among the cheapest countries to travel to in 2014.

Actually, you can have a budget trip to any country or city. You just have to know how to properly allot your money and find budget deals. It will take some research and hard work, but it sure pays off to save while enjoying.

So, what about you? Do you have any other country in mind that you think will be the cheapest to travel on a tight budget this year? Do share you thoughts in the comments section below.

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5 Responses to “Cheapest Countries to Travel to in 2014-Traveling on a Budget”

  1. This is very informative, thanks for sharing. We are planning our trip to SE Asia at the moment, had originally overlooked Korea and the Philippines in favor of Thailand and Vietnam, but will definitely be looking into them further if they’re that affordable!
    Catherine recently posted..Hotel Beds Around The WorldMy Profile

    • Hey Catherine, Thanks for stopping by and leaving the comment. Glad that the post helped you :) I will probably be in Malaysia in a couple of months. If you have any plan for Malaysia, let me know :)

  2. This was obviously written from behind a desk rather than though travel and observation. Venice is ungodly expensive and a 7% drop in rates does not a bargain make. It’s easily double the cost for everything there compared to the cheapest countries in Europe. Seoul is no bargain either.
    Tim L. recently posted..What it Costs to Live in CambodiaMy Profile

    • Hi Tim, Thanks for your comment. This is a shortlist of countries. Compared to previous years, Venice is much more cheaper this year. Seoul is not that expensive at all. Actually, budget traveling to any part of the world is possible as long as someone has good research skill. Back in Nepal, before starting the Trek, I heard rumors that, the price of the food is extravagantly expensive in tiny lodges throughout the Trek but we managed to get a good room for $1.5 and managed our food for about $8 a day. Regardless of which country you visit, you always have to know how to get the best deals, perhaps ask people, get info, research etc.

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