How to Get Malaysian Visa from Bangladesh?

Malaysia is a great country to visit. There are a lot of of amazing places to visit in Malaysia. Malaysia- the true Asia, is one of the most visited destinations in the world. In this post, I am going to tell you how to get Malaysian Visa from Bangladesh. 


The first and foremost thing prior to getting a VISA, is to get the required documents.

Required Documents for Malaysian Visa:

1. Bank Statement (Last 6-month transactions)

2. Bank Solvency Certificate.

3. Studentship certificate from your college/University if you are a student. Employment certificate if you are currently employed. Trade License if you have business in BD. Also, if you are employed and/or have a business in bd, make sure to provide a Business card.

4. Colored photographs 50mm*35mm (50mm height, 35 mm width)


- Make sure that you have healthy balance at your Bank account when you get the statement. I would recommend that you have at least 100,000 BDT at your Bank account. Keep the money until you get the VISA.

– If you haven’t visited any country before, it’s highly unlikely that you will get the VISA but there are exceptions. For me, I went to Nepal before but luckily I got the VISA.

– Typically, it takes around a week to get the VISA but it might take up to 15 days, don’t worry, be patient.

– You can’t submit the documents unless you talk to any authorized agent of Malaysian Embassy. Check out the link for Authorized Malaysian Visa AGENT.

– Don’t try to cheat. Don’t submit any fake documents.

– The official VISA fee is 3100+ the commission of the agent = +- 3600 BDT.


So, if you are planning to visit Malaysian, get these documents, talk to an agent and submit your documents. I hope this post gave you an insight about getting Malaysian visa from Bangladesh. If you have any question, please do comment below :)

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3 Responses to “How to Get Malaysian Visa from Bangladesh?”

  1. Thanks for the info.
    Can you name some cheap hotels in kuala lampur and Lankawi….n approximately how much less can we spend on 5 days tour in Malaysia including air tickets ?

    • Hotel price ranges from USD 9 to 21 (Cheapest ones). You can check EV World Hotel Puduraya, Havana Guest House, D’or Hotel etc. If you share the rooms with your friends, then the price would be more cheaper. In Langkawi, hotels are expensive, try Guest houses. We stayed at Chenang guest house at Pantai Chenang, Langkawi. For 5-day, the costing will be around 40K BDT including airfare. Make sure to book the tickets at least one week prior to your departure to get cheap tickets. Always use public transport, public transports are cheap and for visiting Kuala Lumpur, there are tourist coaches, the double decker buses; only for tourists. Some of these buses are free of charge while some others charge a little. You can find these buses at the city centre; Bukit Bintang, Tradr centre. Good Luck

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