Top Travel Destinations in the World 2014

Due to too much stress and pressure we often get from work, we definitely deserve to somehow unwind and have some breathing space at times.  Before creating the post,  I was confused as to which one to take and which to leave. This is a shortlist of TOP 5 destinations. Talking about unwinding, there is no better way of relieving stress than visiting some of the TOP travel destinations in 2014.

Eiffel Tower Paris France

                         Photo Credit: Anderson Tours

1. Paris:

Among all the other TOP travel destinations in 2014, Paris is probably the number one- the most visited place on earth. Paris is definitely a place one must visit. Not only that Paris is such a romantic place for lovers, it also offers so many splendors that will truly captivate our hearts. Including in the spots to visit in Paris is the world-renowned Eiffel Tower where you can have a glimpse at the Parisian panorama. The Notre-Dame Cathedral is also a main attraction especially for Catholics. The scenery will surely serve as a “time travel” to the medieval times. For those who are fond of paintings and art crafts, Musee du Louvre is the place for you. It is hailed as the world’s largest art museum that houses the ever famous painting, Mona Lisa.


Times Square, New York

Times Square, New York

                       Photo Credit: BestSingleTravel

2. New York:

If you want to have some taste of real urban life and adventures, New York City is the perfect place to be.  Skyscrapers, glimmering city lights, live music, trendy fashion – these are merely some of what NYC could offer. Central park is a “piece of heaven” where New Yorkers and tourists come to jog, exercise, stroll, and even dine. It is full of attractions that will certainly amuse your sight. Near the Central park is another interesting spot, the American Museum of National History. Once in NY, never fail to visit some remarkable historical landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Times Square and the Brooklyn Bridge.

 TOP travel destinations in 2014

3. Maui, Hawaii:

Maui is in my list of TOP travel destinations in 2014. If the picturesque scenery of the beach, mountains, and nature attract you the most, Maui is the haven just right for you. Never miss to visit Kaihalulu or the so-called Red Sand Beach which showcases its literally uniquely red sand. Road to Hana is another breathtaking spot in Maui which is hailed as a paradise by most tourists. Fascinating views of the abundant forest, captivating waterfalls, and dramatic coastline await you as you traverse this road.

 BahamasPhoto Credit: besttropicalbeachvacations

4. Bahamas:

Bahamas is also a tourist-magnet and it is included in our must-visit spots. If you love the sun kissing your skin, then let the beaches in Bahamas be your next destination. Cable beach in particular will mesmerize you with its crystal clear waters, white sand, and aquamarine life. If you wish to have some friendly and fun-filled experience with dolphins, visiting the Grand Bahama Island must be on top of your list. You’ll have the chance to interact, swim, and play with dolphins. This is a perfect summer getaway with your friends and family. When in Bahamas, do not also forget to visit Marine Habitat at Atlantis, and Thunderball Grotto.

 Siesta, Spain

                         Photo Credit: goshoppingeurope

5. Siesta, Spain:

Have you ever heard of the word Siesta? There’s no better place to do it than in Barcelona. Siesta is a Spanish word that means short nap right after having a heavy lunch. This is in preparation for an exhausting adventure in the city as you visit numerous churches, hit the beaches, shop and dine, or party all night. Barcelona is certainly a place that offers everything. When you get to come by, spend some time to see the Guell Park, La Sagrada Familia, Picasso Museum, and Las Ramblas.

Hope someday you will complete the list of TOP travel destinations in the world. Right now, What about you? How many places of the list have your visited? Or Do you intend to visit any of the places of the list? Do share your experiences in the comment section.

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2 Responses to “Top Travel Destinations in the World 2014”

  1. short list indeed! Hreat cities but you left out Hong Kong, Rome, Sydney, Rio, Cairo, London…and on and on
    I have seen most of the world but will never stop traveling!

    • Holly, Thanks for stopping by and leaving the comment. Before creating the post, I was confused as to which one to choose and which to leave. This is a shortlist of TOP 5 places, I think I will have to add a few more from your list. Wondering about your travel log, how many countries have you visited so far?

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